In the chat module, what types of files does support for upload ?

ChandlerAi's chat module is similar to ChatGPT's data analyst, and it is one of the most popular GPTs officially released by OpenAI. ChandlerAi is built on OpenAI's GPT-4 architecture, which is an advanced deep learning technology. These technologies combined enable to perform complex data analysis tasks while communicating with users in a user-friendly manner.

ChandlerAi supports various file types commonly used in the chat module. These include:

  • CSV (Comma-Separated Values): A widely used file format for storing and transferring large sets of structured data.
  • Excel Files: Including both .xlsx and .xls formats. These are commonly used in office settings for data storage and sharing.
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation): A lightweight data interchange format often used for transferring data over the web, especially in API responses.
  • Text Files: Such as .txt format, used for storing unstructured or semi-structured data.
  • SQL Databases: ChandlerAi can execute SQL queries for data analysis by accessing database files, like SQLite database files.
  • Parquet Files: An efficient columnar storage file format, suitable for handling big data.
  • Other Tabular Data: Like TSV (Tab-Separated Values) files, etc.

For these file types, ChandlerAi can perform data reading, parsing, processing, and analysis.