What are the specific functions of ChandlerAi's search module ?

The search module in chandler.bet is a very practical feature. ChandlerAi combines the advantages of AI and browsers, using Bing for searches, and then employs AI technology to refine and summarize the search results, making it convenient for users. It is supported by ChatGPT.

  • Information Search and Retrieval: ChandlerAi's search can use search engines to find information, helping users locate the data or answers they need.
  • Access to Real-Time Information: Chandler.bet's search is capable of accessing up-to-date information, such as latest news, weather updates, sports scores, etc.
  • Web Page Content Browsing:  If users require information from specific web pages, Chandler.bet's search can open and browse these pages, then provide summaries of the relevant content.
  • Integration of Diverse Perspectives: When searching for information, ChandlerAi's search aims to gather data from various sources to ensure comprehensiveness and diversity.