what is the difference between ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 at ChandlerAi ?

At ChandlerAi, GPT-4 is an evolution of its predecessor, GPT-3.5. Here are some of the key differences between them:

  • Size and Complexity: GPT-4 is more advanced in terms of size and complexity. It has more parameters (the elements of the model that are learned from the training data) compared to GPT-3.5. This increase in size generally translates to a more nuanced understanding of language and a better ability to generate responses.
  • Training Data: GPT-4 is trained on a more recent dataset. This means it includes more recent information and developments in its training data compared to GPT-3.5, which allows it to provide more up-to-date information and responses.
  • Performance on Benchmarks: GPT-4 tends to perform better on various language benchmarks, showing improvements in understanding context, generating more relevant and accurate responses, and demonstrating a better grasp of complex language tasks.
  • Handling of Nuanced Tasks: GPT-4 is better equipped to handle nuanced tasks and generate more contextually relevant and sophisticated responses. This includes improved performance in understanding and generating responses based on less explicit or more complex instructions.
  • Mitigation of Biases and Errors: GPT-4 includes improvements in mitigating biases and reducing the frequency of factual errors or harmful outputs. However, it's important to note that while improvements have been made, it's not entirely free from biases or errors.