How to ensure the accuracy of ChandlerAi 's answers ?

ChandlerAi directly utilizes OpenAI's GPT model. The accuracy and reliability of are the same as the GPT model.

As a large language model trained by OpenAI, it ensures the accuracy through the following principles:

  • Trained on Extensive Data: It has been trained on a vast array of textual data, which includes books, articles, websites, and various forms of knowledge.
  • Continuous Updates: Although the training data is up to date as of April 2023, It can still provide a wealth of accurate information on historical, scientific, cultural, and other topics.
  • Logical and Language Rules: It adheres to logical and linguistic rules to construct answers, striving for accuracy and reliability.
  • Acknowledging Uncertainties: If a question is beyond its knowledge scope or pertains to predictions, subjective judgments, etc., it will clearly indicate the uncertainties involved.
  • Following Policies and Guidelines: It follow specific policies and guidelines when dealing with sensitive or specially-regulated topics.