Regarding the files uploaded by users, how can ChandlerAi process them ?

ChandlerAi fully covers the functions of ChatGPT's data analyst. Regarding the files uploaded by users, ChandlerAi's primary functions include:

  • Data Processing and Cleaning: ChandlerAi can assist in processing and cleaning datasets, such as removing duplicates, handling missing data, and converting data formats.
  • Data Exploration and Analysis: is capable of performing exploratory data analysis, including statistical descriptions, trend analysis, and outlier detection.
  • Data Visualization: ChandlerAi can create charts and visualizations to showcase key trends and insights in data, such as line graphs, bar charts, scatter plots, heat maps, etc.
  • Statistical Analysis: can conduct basic statistical analysis, including hypothesis testing, correlation analysis, and regression analysis.
  • Machine Learning Support: Although not primarily designed for advanced machine learning tasks, ChandlerAi can assist with some basic aspects of machine learning, like feature selection, and building and evaluating simple models.
  • Writing and Executing Python Code: ChandlerAi can write and execute Python code to accomplish the above tasks, especially using data analysis and visualization libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc.
  • Interpretation and Recommendations: ChandlerAi offers interpretations of data analysis results and can provide recommendations based on the findings.